Last week, we covered emerging science and real food success stories. This week, we'll look at longer reads and interesting articles about food and health, as well as everyone's favorite, the Wall of Shame...

Longer Reads and Interesting Articles

  1. Can a healthier diet help battle depression? The Wall Street Journal reports on a new field: nutritional psychiatry. Recommendations center around replacing sugar and processed foods with real, whole foods.
  2.  A small West Virginia hospital—WVU Medicine Jefferson Medical Center—eliminates sugar-sweetened beverages. Here's to a health system practicing what it preaches!
  3. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb apparently believes that clearer food labels and salt reduction will improve American diets and save lives. But logic tells us that tweaks around the edges of a failing dietary paradigm will amount to nothing.
  4. Belly fat—why is it bad for us and why do we get more as we age? Is it simply a marker for insulin resistance? Scientific American weighs in.
  5. Ultramarathoner Zach Bitter talks about how a ketogenic diet works for him and the other endurance athletes he coaches. Improvements in recovery and race performance are common. He consumes some carbs when racing, but requires less food on the course.

Did you know that the familiar smell of Crayola crayons is the smell of beef tallow? Or that keto meal kits are now available from Hello Fresh? Or that the temperature of butter can make a difference to gourmet baking? Speaking of temperature: feel the #brrrn... Is a refrigerated workout space (coming soon to NYC) a gimmick or chill paleo-inspired genius?

Eat the Butter Wall of Shame

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Plate of the Week

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