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Vintage Eating


Vintage Eating

Eat vintage. And eat more butter.

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2.5 minute animated short.

"A diet based on food that turns to sugar once it's in your body was never going to end well."

19 minute TEDx.

"There is something seriously wrong with our food paradigm, and I hate to tell you, but quinoa and kale alone are not going to solve it."


Even shorter?

Just Eat Real Food (#JERF)... But what does that look like at the market?

Watch this fast-paced 70 seconds at the grocery store.


What is vintage eating?

What is vintage eating?

Real food.  More fat.

Vintage eating means looking back to how people used to eat. We can look back 100 years, or back 10,000 years; either way, it's vintage. We look back to diets that kept people healthy...  to diets that did not cause epidemics of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

Eat more fat.

Rediscover BUTTER. Say hello to eggs. Enjoy cream, cheese, and sausage. Snack on olives and nuts. Embrace avocados. Bacon anyone?  Yum! This is the easy part. Click through for more ideas about vintage food.



Keep it real.

Stick to whole foods as much as possible. Avoid food that has been heavily processed in a factory. If it comes in a box, that is not a good sign. If humans haven't been eating it for more than one hundred years, it is probably best to skip it....  yes, even if it is supposedly 'heart healthy.' So avoid all 'fat free' and 'low-fat' products. Avoid refined vegetable oils like corn, soy, cottonseed, and canola oil. No shortening like Crisco, either. Instead, enjoy real, natural fat. And real food -- veggies, meat, fruit (in moderation)...  you know the drill.


Cut the carbs.

Cut back on refined carbohydrates...  also known as sugars and starches. Even whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals and pastas are highly processed and spike blood sugar, so reduce these products as much as possible. Adding fat and reducing carbs means no more hunger.

Why eat vintage?

Why eat vintage?

Vibrant health.

Vintage means healthier. People used to look and feel better. Look around. People are hungry. Crabby. Fat. Sick. This has not always been the case. So many of us are struggling with weight... and with serious health issues. By age 50, almost half of us have metabolic syndrome. That is the 'on-ramp' to diabetes, heart disease, or both. What? This is not normal. Something is wrong with the modern American low-fat diet.

The low-fat diet.

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The USDA's Food Pyramid was introduced around 1980. Its goal was to reduce chronic disease in America. Ironic. It has had the opposite effect on our population, and today, almost 70% of all adults are either overweight or obese. Epidemic rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and dementia ensued as our health care spending skyrocketed. Yet most of us continue to try to follow these dietary guidelines that have delivered such disastrous results. And worse, we teach this way of eating to our kids.

It is time for a change. Yet, in 2012, the USDA introduced MyPlate. Same low-fat advice... simpler graphics. As mothers, we are training the next generation of eaters. We can no longer afford to teach our children to eat this low-fat diet that does not work for most adults.

Tired of the same bad results? It's time to take back your plate. Return to a happier, healthier way of eating. Vintage eating.

There is no problem so bad that the government can’t make it worse.
— Anonymous

Rethink breakfast.

Breakfast has changed more than any other meal. See what Grape Nuts, skim milk, and a banana do to your blood sugar... (it's not good!) and find some new -- well, vintage -- ideas about what to eat instead. If you do just one thing, try rethinking breakfast.

Better weight loss.

Fat satisfies. It comforts. It satiates. Fatty meals keep you full longer, so eating fat leads to less snacking and grazing. Although fat has more calories per gram, eating more of it helps you lose weight. Read more about all that adding fat to your diet can do for your weight and your health.

Modern epidemics.

Low-fat diets have been making us hungry and crabby for decades. And for what? They also make us fat and sick. We need to find a better approach. Learn more about the evidence that refined carbohydrates (sugar and flour) are driving our epidemics of chronic disease.

Vintage diets.

Need help finding the perfect vintage diet/lifestyle? What do you like to eat? This chart will help you find a match so you can eat vintage -- YOUR way.


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the movement

the movement


Eat the Butter is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to end the war on fat.

We want to empower mothers (and others) to eat and serve real full-fat food. The status-quo is clearly not working. Don't try harder...  try something different.

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