Hi... I'm Jenni Calihan. I created Eat The Butter, a nonprofit, to change the way we eat as a nation. I wanted to start with mothers because, quite simply, we buy the groceries. Between my Human Biology degree (Stanford), and MBA (Dartmouth), as well as feeding my family for the last 20 years, I bring passion and logic to this grassroots movement.

Over a decade ago, we called my youngest son Jack Yack and Come Back because he kept throwing up everything I fed him. It wasnt until a stranger asked what I was feeding him that I stepped back and considered how the food we put into our bodies drives our health. After the shame and horror of that moment (yes, it was the food I chose, and as soon as I pulled a couple of seemingly healthy staples out of his meals, Jack stopped vomiting that day), my curiosity was sparked about what our nation is recommending as a healthy diet, and how we as mothers need to break these rules.

Breaking the rules means sharing accurate information and data on what healthy eating can mean for you and your family. Current science tells us that diets high in [saturated] fat are not only safe to eat, but can help weight loss and can help keep chronic disease at bay. (I know, its counterintuitive, but its true.) Since 1980, the USDA has been recommending diets low in saturated fat to all Americans over age two. This recommendation is simply not based on modern science.  And around 1980, Americans began  struggling with skyrocketing rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Coincidence? I don't think so.

While I grew up in Canada, Pittsburgh is now my home. My husband and four children adapted easily to a real-food-more-fat diet, which I am calling Vintage Eating. Real food for real health.


Butter is back, and so is all the other delicious, satisfying food we enjoyed for generations.

Can you help? I am all about the power of carpools and other collective actions. It takes a village... Please contact me if you would like to get involved to help make the movement stronger. Together we can take back our plates, take back our health, and greatly reduce the raging epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic disease that plague us.