Jennifer Calihan

Jenni is the founder of Eat the Butter, a non-profit dedicated to helping mothers (and others) return to full-fat food. Jenni marvels at just how hard it can be to feel confident about simple things like dinner (and laundry). Her university degrees—human biology and an MBA—don’t seem to help. Despite the politeness that goes along with growing up in Canada, she is a big fan of breaking the rules, especially when it comes to outdated low-fat dietary advice. She cooks ‘vintage’ for her husband and four children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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Adele Hite, MPH RD

Adele is a recovering vegetarian, registered dietitian and perennial grad student, with a couple of master’s degrees (one in public health nutrition) and PhD on the way. She is still wondering how she managed to put dinner on the table (nearly) every night for her husband and three kids during the eternity it took for them to learn to cook for themselves. In her copious free time, she ponders the puzzles and paradoxes of food, health, and nutrition that abound in the world. She lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband and lots of books. 

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