Last week, we covered longer reads and interesting articles about food and health, as well as everyone's favorite, the Wall of Shame. This week, we'll keep it short with the Plate of the Week and some butter fun!

roast turkey plate.jpg

Plate of the Week

Click through for a basic recipe:

This plate is very low carb and takes about 30 minutes to prepare the veggies. (Turkey roasting time varies depending upon size and method; a rotisserie chicken is a good substitute for a quicker meal.)

What's on your plate?
Try our meal-idea-generator—

Want More?

Butter lamb party (on Twitter). Butter + wine. Butter wars (and pink margarine). Butter trends. Brown butter basted steak.

Tune in next week for April news headlines.

Until then,

The Moms @ Eat the Butter

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