MAY 2017

"Almost every investor I know in Silicon Valley is on some form of low-carb diet," 
says Dan Scholnick, an investor with Trinity Venture, in an interview on CNBC.
VC's love ketosis... apparently.

In case you missed any of these newsworthy stories, here is a wrap on the best real-food-more-fat headlines last month.

  1. Three prominent cardiologists contend that saturated fat does NOT clog arteries in an opinion piece in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Instead of obsessing about the naturally occurring fat in food, the doctors advise us to eat real, whole food and walk 22 minutes each day. The CBC reports on the controversy, here. And we Iove this easy summary of mainstream and alternative reactions from Treehugger. For a more technical look at the controversy, Henderson and Schofield have you covered.
  2. Professor Tim Noakes, a sports medicine doc with expertise in endurance sports and metabolism, ignited a low-carb-high-fat revolution in South Africa, with millions following his lead. He was finally exonerated from a trumped up Twitter incident that was a huge distraction. Hopefully the attention paid to the scientific evidence (during the lengthy trial) will move the conversation forward. Congratulations, Prof!
  3. Forbes reports on a recent study that shows obesity and diabetes are killing even more Americans than our death statistics suggest. Also in Forbes is a report on the association between high sugar consumption and poorer memory and lower brain volume.
  4. Can a ketogenic diet replace dialysis for some patients? NBC reports on an a study in mice that shows promise for reversing kidney failure with an ultra-low-carb diet.
  5. Can working out on an empty stomach improve the metabolic health of average people? The New York Times reports on a new study that shows promising results.


Read our guest blog on Peppermint Wellness' site  — Vintage Eating—Let's Go Back to Real, Full-Fat Food.

Check out Chris Kresser's post —Why Has the American Approach to Heart Disease Failed?

Order Fat Head Kids... A book that explains obesity to children, by the ever-amusing Tom Naughton.

Although you can't out walk a bad diet... people are trying.

Food for thought—new research shows low-fat, high-sugar diet foods cause rats to gain the same amount of fat with less than half the calories of rats fed a well-balanced diet. On that note, this sugar calculator will help you assess how much sugar you eat in a typical day. Maybe it is time for some spring cleaning; ditch the low-fat, high-sugar "healthy substitutes?"

Are energy drinks safe for teens? Do soda taxes work? Should the government treat sugar like cigarettes? Does dietary fat cause breast cancer? (NO!) Is salt the most important of all ingredients? And can eating more salt actually lead to LOWER blood pressure? Is a food mirage worse than a food desert? Will the future bring us edible water bottles? Why do High School Musical stars Vanessa Hudgensand Zac Efron both follow low-carb diets?



Improper Butter. Goat butter. Butter oysters. The best butter on earth. Asparagus+prosciutto+brownbutter. Warm Butter Crab.

Happy May,

The Moms @ Eat the Butter

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