APRIL 2017

"Once upon a time, Americans ate butter unapologetically," 
says Libby Copeland in her Washington Post feature entitled
"Our messed-up relationship with food has a long history. It started with butter."

In case you missed any of these newsworthy stories, here is a wrap on the best real-food-more-fat headlines last month.

  1. Big news out of Silicon Valley. VC funded Virta Health opens it doors to the public. Virta is an online specialty medical clinic that reverses type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery. Forbes reports on Virta's toolbox—a ketogenic diet and a supportive, virtual clinic model ideal for treatment from any location. A preliminary study, documenting 10-week results, shows impressive 48% of subjects achieve HbA1c below 6.5% (no meds or Metformin only) and mean weight reduction of 7.2%. 
  2. In spite of record obesity rates, Time reports fewer Americans are trying to lose weight. Lesson (IMO)—conventional 'eat less, exercise more' advice is failing people. It doesn't work so many are giving up. Time for a new paradigm.
  3. The New York Times reports on a pioneering cookbook author's fight against Alzheimer's disease. Her main therapeutic weapon? A very low-carb diet. For more details on why low-carb eating can help prevent or even reverse cognitive decline, check out this new Chelsea Green release, The Alzheimer's Antidote, by Amy Berger.
  4. Sugar foe, Dr. Robert Lustig, suggests a new name for type 2 diabetes: Processed Food Disease. So keep your food real, and watch the whole 30 minute interview!
  5. American Heart Association report pegs heart disease rates among all American adults at 41.6%... projected to reach 45% by 2035. Umm... maybe something isn't working as planned?


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Real food is sexier than processed, in this amusing three minute film from a French grocer. A Swedish mom's battle with sugar goes viral. Can a low-carb diet help improve fertility? Why veggies need more tech...and why frozen veggies are often as good as fresh—or better. Why food on the floor is safer than you think. And a notable first—WSJ reports bottled water sales surpass soda sales! Plus Elon Musk's brother Kimbal's war on America's food system. Finally, a revealing reflection on the class judgments surrounding food choices in Donald Trump vs. the Food Snobs.

Last, but certainly not least, how this celebrated Michelin chef lost 70kg. That's 154 pounds, folks! 




Blue cheese butter. Egg butter. Radishes+butter+salt. Butter meets St. Patrick's Day. Butter tasting. Butter boom. Butter shortage.

Happy April,

The Moms @ Eat the Butter

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