Cauliflower Rice rp.jpg

Cauliflower Rice


Sauté — medium-high

Okay, we know it’s not rice. But why add a nutritionally wimpy starch to a meal when you can add a vitamin-packed veggie? Grate the cauliflower—or save your knuckles and buy your cauliflower already “riced.” Melt a bunch of butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add your “rice” and stir, sautéing until slightly golden. Like any good love story, you want it tender, but not mushy. Add more butter if needed, plus some chopped herbs. It may not really be rice, but it can still soak up any yummy sauce that comes its way from other dishes on your plate.  

(When in doubt, add butter and/or salt.)

~3g net carbs per cup of raw cauliflower