This week, we summarize the top five news articles and studies in the real food realm. Plus, a few diversions...

News and Emerging Science

  1. FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, announces new steps to improve health through nutrition. The FDA reportedly regulates 80% of America's food supply, so potential to make a difference seems real. But announcement underwhelms, with bureaucratic double-speak and little, if any, meaningful innovation. Dr. Gottlieb pins his "Nutrition Innovation Strategy" on modernized nutrition labels, better ingredient lists, and resolving issues of 'identity' (as in should an almond beverage be called "milk"). Public comments may be submitted and a public hearing is set for July 26.
  2. Dr. Amy McKenzie presents Virta Health's results for improving outcomes of patients with pre-diabetes at ADA conference. At one year, none of the 95 subjects who completed the study progressed to type 2 diabetes, and over 60% achieved HbA1c of less than 5.7% (vs. ~15% at baseline). 70% of participants lost more than 7% of their body weight.
  3. A new CDC report shows that exercise rates among adults are increasing, while obesity is also on the rise. The AP explores possible explanations.
  4. In Psychology Todaypsychiatrist Georgia Ede unpacks recent headlines proclaiming that saturated fat might cause PTSD. What is really in that rat chow? Lots of sugar. Her analysis will help you become a better consumer of the latest diet study headlines.
  5. Dr. Zoe Harcombe asks, "Could we agree to demonize processed food, not saturated fat?" in her rapid response to a BMJ consensus paper. She concludes: "It seems simple and obvious to suggest that populations should return to eating the natural, unprocessed, food that was consumed before obesity and diabetes reached epidemic proportions; yet this is considered heresy by public health advisors. Clarification of the distinction between processed food and saturated fat could provide opportunity for agreement that processed food is unhealthy, while saturated fat is a natural part of most natural foods. Given that every food that contains fat, contains all three fats, the notion that saturated fat is harmful and unsaturated fat is healthful is illogical given their co-existence in foods required for human survival."



Should you check your concern? Self Magazine's cover story asserts that the health of (even morbidly) obese citizens is none of your business. Have you seen the trailer to the new film (still in the works), Food Lies? Do cute dogs and food look good together? How much "space grease" is drifting around the universe?


Wall of Shame

  • Good news for Seinfeld fans... In an effort to boost flagging sales, McDonalds to begin selling muffin tops for breakfast. Caution: muffin tops can lead to muffin tops.
  • Which is the worst of these terrible food trends: Coca-Cola Slushies in a Pouch, Tide Pod (yes, laundry detergent capsules) Inspired Cuisine, or Charcoal Activated Vegan Croissants? You decide.
  • Coming soon to a grocer near you... JUST Egg. This product does not contain 'only eggs' but, instead, contains no eggs at all. Another highly processed protein replacement coming your way.
  • Jello introduces "build+eat" kits. So you can play with your sugar before you eat it... parents beware.
  • Make. It. Stop. Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes coming to grocers this fall. They really are grrrreat... NOT.


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