February 2018—Week 4

Last week, we covered interesting articles about food and health, as well as the Wall of Shame.

This week, we introduce Dinner Ideas, a free online tool that will help you answer that age-old question, "What's for Dinner?" We've got you covered with thousands of easy, everyday meals. Like this one:

Squarespace sample plate.jpg

It is a fun, visual experience... with a click-through to basic recipes (in case you need help executing)! Mix-and-match the three sections until your plate looks just right!

This is an Eat the Butter exclusive, so we are very excited to make this free resource available to you. We hope you enjoy it, and hope you will share the link with your friends and family if you do! Spread the word... and the butter.

Hop on now and give it a go! What's on your plate?

(There is a keto-only version, too, if that is your thing.)


Leaning tower of butter. Ancho-lime butter. Butter flower. Butter burger. Butter substitute. Butter slander. Butter fonts. And since it is the weekend, how about checking out this retro crocheted food?

Tune in next week for March news headlines and more butter fun.

Until then,

The Moms @ Eat the Butter

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