February 2018—Week 2

Last week, we covered the headlines. This week, we'll take a look at mainstream press coverage of emerging science and real food success stories.


Over the last month or so, there has been a lot of science in the news:

  1. Looking for a comprehensive list of over 70 clinical trials that compare lower-carb, higher fat diets to higher-carb, lower-fat diets? This list was put together by Virta Health's Dr. Sarah Hallberg, and in virtually every trial, the lower-carb regimen does as well or better than the lower-fat arm on one or more of the following measured outcomes: weight loss, blood sugar control, and CVD risk factors. So for those who think lower-carb eating is just a fad, think again.
  2. Which comes first? High insulin levels or obesity? A new genetic study from Dr. David Ludwig’s team shows high insulin levels predict weight gain, not the other way around.
  3. Yale News reports on a new study, published in Cell, that “has identified leptin — a hormone made by fat cells — as a key mediator" in the body's switch from burning carbs to burning fat during fasting.
  4. Is obesity contagious? In JAMA Pediatrics, a new study of military families shows an association between community obesity rates and participant BMIs.
  5. Does sleeping more at night help you eat less sugar during the day? A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that more sleep leads to lower levels of sugar consumption.

Wait... there's more science. Is consumption of ultra-processed foods associated with obesity? Are paleo diets healthier for older women? Which is better for blood lipids—whole milk or skimmed? What post-workout snack is better for building muscle— (hint in picture, above)? What is the timeline for full keto adaption? Why is losing weight the easy part? Is adult-onset type 1 diabetes more common than we think?



Read about how boxer Tyson Fury lost 55 pounds and is training for his next fight with keto. Or how this Englishman lost over 85 pounds with a low-carb diet and a gym membership. (He improved liver function, too.) Or how two midwestern couples lost weight with keto: 100 (combined) pounds in Michigan and 160 (combined) pounds in Iowa.
So many more stories to share this month... A New York chef, recovered. A "dad bod," resculpted. A young lady, halved. A young woman, close to goal. A sugar craver, transformed. A young mom, resculpted. A diabetic 70-year-old, "tamed the monster." An almost-300-pound man, slimmed down. A gentleman safely eliminated insulin (and the $7,200 per yr expense). A chill keto mama dished on Live with Kelly and Ryan. And another mom, transformed, told her story on the local news. A mom of twins dropped 125 pounds. A size 26 became a size 12. 


Tune in next week for longer reads and interesting articles, plus Eat the Butter's Wall of Shame! Don't miss it.

Until then,

The Moms @ Eat the Butter

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