Baked Sweet Potato rp.jpg

Baked Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes · butter

Bake — 400°F

The good ole baked (sweet) potato. It’s not for everyone. Because, sweet. Also: potato. And if the carbs don’t scare you away, the cook time might. You only need about a minute to prep, but you’ll need close to an hour for baking. That said, they’re easy. Just rinse, prick the skin with a fork, and place right on the rack in a 400°F oven with a foil covered baking sheet on the rack below to catch drippings. Do something else for about 30 minutes. Flip the sweet potatoes. Leave for about another 20 minutes, more if the potatoes are larger. Fork-tender = done. Slice in half, lengthwise, and serve with lots of butter on top. Because, butter.  

(When in doubt, add butter and/or salt.)

~11g net carbs per half of a 5" sweet potato