I spent last Saturday night ringside, watching live Sumo wrestling... both professional exhibition matches and some amusing amateur antics. This is not your typical weekend activity in Pittsburgh. Funny to see some brave friends and local celebs wearing a mawashi (over lycra shorts, because... well, just because).

In the professional match, it was former world champions, Yama (600+ pounds) vs. Byamba (350+ pounds)... You might know Byamba as the figure skating sumo wrestler in the recent Geico commercial. (Worth 30 seconds if you haven't seen it.)

Although Byamba seemed pretty agile for a big guy, Yama labored under his 600 pounds. So how do these guys get this big? What do sumo wrestlers eat? Lean protein, vegetables, and grain. (Lots and lots of rice.) A low-fat, high-carb diet. Sound familiar? Like MyPlate?

If you want to stay as far away from the Sumo physique as possible, try the opposite approach to eating—low-carb, full-fat. Take a look at these six real food diets.

Food for thought.