This week, we summarize the top five news articles and studies in the real food realm. Plus, some success stories...

News and Emerging Science

  1. In a widely reported anti-obesity move, the New York City Health Department (NYCHD) intends to lead a voluntary campaign to get food and beverage companies to reduce the amount of sugar in their products. Specifically, the NYCHD will seek a commitment from food manufacturers to reduce average sugar levels in packaged foods by 20%, and a commitment from beverage manufacturers to cut sugar in sweet beverages by 40%.

  2. CNN reports on a detailed study, published in The Lancet last week, forecasting life expectancy changes across 195 countries between 2016 and 2040. Spain is predicted to edge out Japan for the longest lifespan — 85.8 years. Study authors believe the United States is likely to fall from 43rd to 64th place in the rankings of high income countries. The authors note that although most drivers of health are forecast to improve, “for some drivers such as high body-mass index (BMI), their toll will rise in the absence of intervention.” 

  3. The FDA makes it official, finalizing the complete elimination of artificial trans fats from America’s food supply. Politico reports that the FDA will “revoke all prior sanctioned uses” of partially hydrogenated oils.

  4. new longitudinal study, conducted in Sweden and published in Acta Paediatrica, suggests one or more markers for metabolic syndrome are present in about a quarter of otherwise healthy six-year-olds. Of note, only 3% of the children studied had obesity. In the United States, the presence of markers for metabolic syndrome would likely be much higher, as childhood obesity rates are much higher: roughly 14% of 2-5 year-olds and 18% of 6-11 year-olds have obesity. 

  5. Under pressure, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) announces that it will cut ties with the food industry. Eliminating that potential influence is a step in the right direction. In another step forward, a recent DAA statement suggests progress in its stance on low-carb diets: “There is reliable evidence that lower carb eating can be safe and useful in lowering average blood glucose levels in the short term (up to 6 months). It can also help reduce body weight and help manage heart disease risk factors such as raised cholesterol and raised blood pressure.”


  • Model Bella Hadid (and her celeb nutritionist) share her high-protein, low-carb routine for maintaining her reliably camera-ready figure.

  • A keto couple from Indiana loses 90 pounds collectively, and reverses a diabetes diagnosis.

  • Can you stop the seemingly inevitable progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes? Yes! This couple did it together… with help from Virta Health. Their collective 100+ pound weight loss was just an added bonus!

  • After losing 75 pounds with low carb, a Wisconsin mom starts a low-carb pizza, pasta, and dessert business. #1 seller is the chicken bacon alfredo pizza. Yum!

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Might designer, lab-grown, uber-sweet proteins be the next way to replace sugar? What do you know about lipoprotein (a)? Why was another prominent doctor exposed for scientific fraud? Does prediabetes contribute to rates of male infertility? What important audience listened to Virta Health’s Dr. Sarah Hallberg speak about reversing type 2 diabetes? (Congress!) 

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