"Lots of butter is the secret," 
says lovely Welsh 106-year-old
in an article discussing her long and healthy life.

In case you missed any of these newsworthy stories, here is a wrap on the best real-food-more-fat headlines last month.

  1. Sugar's evil ways continue to be top of mind, as Taubes defends his bookThe Case Against Sugar, (WSJ review here)and explains that nutritionists have been Big Sugar's secret ally in a NYT op-ed. In an LA Times op-ed, Taubes asks "How much sugar is too much?" and ponders whether moderation is possible. In The Atlantic, Teicholz calls for clear science before making dietary recommendations about sugar (or fat). Meanwhile, prominent sugar foe Dr. Robert Lustig points his finger at processed food in a new JAMA Pediatrics editorial.
  2. The New York Times reports that soda tops grocery purchases in SNAP households... then Kristin Lawless counters that this is true in most households. While some call for regulation, cooler heads voice concernabout punishing the poor and a 'nanny state.' Separately, CSPI sues Coke for obfuscating soda's role in diabesity, and a new CDC study shows 60% of US kids have at least one sugary drink each day.
  3. A shocking analysis by FAIR Health of a pool of over 21 billion health claims shows pediatric claims for type 2 diabetes doubling between 2011 and 2015, and claims with a diagnosis of obesity up 154% for 19-22 year olds in the same period.
  4. Should you eat breakfast? A new study questions the conventional wisdom, showing that adding breakfast causes weight gain. And an AP reporter explores the tricky-to-interpret nutrition science behind the confusion. Separately, a study finds British children eat far too much sugar at breakfast, although 8/10 parents thought the breakfast served was healthy.
  5. Scientific American article, The Exercise Paradox, confirms that "physical activity does little to control weight." More on this matter, here


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Or consider The San Francisco Chronicle's food reporter's assertion that fat is back. In support of her thesis, note that both high fat "Atkins" and the "ketogenic diet" were among the top five diets Googled in 2016.



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