Elaine Khosrova's book
Butter: A Rich History
makes the Wall Street Journal's list of 10 Books to Read Now.

In case you missed any of these newsworthy stories, here is a wrap on the best real-food-more-fat headlines last month.

  1. Alternative nutrition guru/hero, Gary Taubes, gets personal as he reflects on the shame and ridicule he experienced with the publication of his groundbreaking NYT Magazine 2002 cover story, "What If It Has All Been a Big Fat Lie?" Vindication has been sweet, and his new book, The Case Against Sugar, will be released later this month. A must read.
  2. CEO of Sloane Kettering Cancer Center says dietary fat level is not linked to cancer rates. But overfeeding dietary carbs dramatically increases cancer rates. (60s clip.)
  3. A new Canadian study casts doubt on serving low-fat milk to kids. The New York Times reports that "the higher the fat content of the milk they drank, the lower the children’s B.M.I. and the higher their vitamin D levels." For more about milk and why whole, unsweetened milk is best for kids, check out Eat the Butter's post, Got Milk?
  4. Soda taxes appear to be gaining traction... The New York Times reportscities may be motivated more by revenue potential than health concerns. A penny-per-ounce tax in Berkeley, CA, yields very modest results. University of Sydney considers a campus-wide ban on sugar-sweetened beverage sales, making soda a BYOB affair. UC San Francisco is currently experimenting with a similar ban on the sales of sugar-sweetened beverages on its campus.
  5. The strange case of Dr. Gary Fettke. An Australian orthopedic surgeon is silenced (for life) from giving his patients nutrition advice. After cutting off far too many limbs, Dr. Fettke began recommending low sugar, low carb diets to diabetic patients. Dietitians did not like this and had him sanctioned—unbelievable.


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