Why not?  Fat is good for you.  Here's why.

Fat is an amazing fuel source. It satisfies; it makes everything taste better. It is uniquely satiating. Saturated fat (the majority of the fat in butter, cheese, and meat) is very stable and thus is a great choice for cooking. Here are more of the amazing properties of fat:

  • Controlled, clinical trials tell us that high-fat diets are more effective for weight loss than low-fat diets.
  • Fat is a neutral calorie source -- it has no effect on blood sugar. Your body does not have to produce  insulin to digest fat, so fat is easy on your pancreas.
  • Saturated fat raises HDL (good cholesterol).
  • Saturated fat lowers triglycerides (you want these low).
  • Saturated fat changes the profile of your LDL (bad cholesterol), making it lighter, fluffier, and less likely to cause atherosclerosis.
  • Saturated fat is important for vitamin and mineral absorption, including calcium and Vitamin D.
  • The nervous system needs natural fats. Dietary saturated fat is linked to better mood and mental health, not to mention avoiding dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Saturated fats make up our cell membranes, which are important gatekeepers for all of our cells.
  • Saturated fat is antimicrobial and fights viruses and bacteria in the digestive tract. Eating more means fewer colds and bugs.
  • Saturated fat is safe. Humans have been eating saturated fat for millennia. Scientific studies show that eating saturated fat does not cause heart disease.
Click to download a pdf.

Click to download a pdf.