Traditional food for vibrant health.

Weston A. Price was a dentist who traveled the world in the mid-nineteenth century, visiting aboriginal cultures in hopes of learning what constitutes an ideal diet. He examined the health (and the teeth) of native cultures following traditional food ways, and took careful notes on their diets and their health. Price's foundation, WAPF, is dedicated to preserving and spreading the wealth of knowledge Dr. Price gathered before many of these traditional cultures disappeared.

So much more than a cookbook. The bible of the WAPF, written by Sally Fallon, the Foundation's president..

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Dr. Cate Shanahan, now advising the LA Lakers about what to eat (hint: not Doritos), offers WAPF inspired dietary wisdom in her book, Deep Nutrition.

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Farmers' daughter Nina Planck gets real with her WAPF inspired yet simple guide to eating right.

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Hot off the presses (just released April, 2015), The Wild Diet is Fat-Burning Man Abel James' blueprint for vibrant health and six-pack abs.  Complete with old family recipes tweaked for better health, this real food manifesto shows you how to indulge in mouthwatering food yet stay lean, strong, and free from chronic ailments.


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