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Stuck in a Failed Paradigm

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Metabolic syndrome, a collection of symptoms that is the 'on-ramp' to diabetes, heart disease, or both, is present in over a third of American adults. By age 50, almost half of us have metabolic syndrome. HALF. 10% of normal weight and underweight individuals have metabolic syndrome, so this is not just an affliction visited on those struggling with their weight.  

Are these the odds you want for your children? It is time to find a way of eating that works as well at 48 as it does at 14.

Insanity [or did he mean stupidity?]: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
— Albert Einstein

Recognizing mistakes and then trying something new is a big part of progress. We cannot progress if we take a failed idea and try harder at it. Tweaking a failed paradigm still leaves us in a failed paradigm. To review, half of us are very sick -- in fact, metabolically deranged --  by age 50. HALF. Sounds like a failed paradigm, doesn't it? Why are we eating this way? Because our government and public health officials encouraged low-fat eating, and are not objective enough to acknowledge that, after 40 years of trying, it is not working for most eaters. Yet, it is obvious - the current approach is NOT working. Let's not tweak it. Let's find a new approach -- a new paradigm. Vintage eating, with real food and more fat.

For a visual of the scale of the metabolic illness that ravages our collective health, check out this infographic: