Vintage eating with modern 'hacks.'

Dave Asprey is a self-proclaimed 'biohacker' with lots of ideas (and data) about how to maximize mental and physical performance. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to 'hack' his own biology, and likes to share his expensive test results with others! And, he knows what it is like to struggle with weight -- he used to weigh 300 lbs. You can think of Dave's advice about food as vintage inspired with a modern edge. Real food. More fat.  But with some tweaks for cutting edge performance. If that sounds good to you, this is your diet/lifestyle.

Vintage inspired ideas about how to look good naked, feel great, and 'kick more ass.'

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Bulletproof partying... What to drink and how to hack your hangover.

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Supercharge your morning with Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast. Here's why!

Official recipe here.

Bulletproof expert explains the virtues of -- you guessed it -- butter! How appropriate!